Photos from Ethereal Crack Ghost Tours:
Ocasionally, our staff and tour guests get a little lucky and capture an image of something otherworldly while on a tour. Here’s where we keep those photos. All photos are generously given to us from their takers.

Disclaimer: Ethereal Crack maintains copyright for these photos, but does not claim they prove the existence of the supernatural or that they have not been doctored. While we investigate each photo, we cannot be absolutely conclusive of their validity.


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From: The Waxhaw Ghost Tour
Details: This photo, taken on the Waxhaw Ghost tour in mid-September, 2017, was reported immediately after a 9PM tour. The timestamp on the photo matches the time in which the photo would have been taken, the reflections are correct on the glass, and after some research, it is conclusive that the image has not been photoshopped.
The location where the photo was taken is a storefront infamous for the spirit of a young girl that haunts it.
Copyright: Ethereal Crack

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