Ticketing Frequently Asked Questions:
Here at Ethereal Crack, we try to keep things as easy as possible, but, we do realize that there will be questions and blips here and there! Our staff are here to help.


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You: Where can I get tickets?
Us: Right here on our website.

You: Can I buy tickets at the meeting location?
Us: All ticket sales and bookings are done online – our guides, while allowed to accept tips, are not allowed to accept cash or cards to charge for tickets on the spot.

You: Do I need to print tickets?
Us: Not necessarily, if you have access to the emailed copy of the tickets (it is sent with the receipt right after you purchase) you can present it to your tour guide – if not, please bring a printout of the tickets.

You: Are gift certificates available?
Us: Yes! Contact our ticketing division for more information.
Ethereal Crack Ticketing:
Email: T.Starnes@EtherealCrack.com
Phone: 704-698-7286 (Text and Call)

You: I decided to not go on the tour after buying tickets. Can I get a refund?
Us: In most cases, all sales are final – this is to streamline our ticketing and make attending accessible and easy for everyone. However, we will look at every case on a case-by-case basis and assist. Your satisfaction is our only priority!

You: Can I gift or give my tickets to someone else to use?
Us: Absolutely. We don’t mind whose name is on the ticket if the ticket is used for the same date and time as on the ticket. Gift certificates are also available.

You: Something has come up. Can I transfer my tickets to another time?
Us: You can transfer tickets to another time. We ask that you please inform us as soon as possible if you intend to request a change of tour time, as we must ensure to have your guide in place. Please contact Ethereal Crack’s ticketing department. If your tickets have already been paid and sent to your provided email address, you may modify the booking manually via the link included there up to ten hours before your tour time.

Don’t panic! Let us know, and we’ll help you out. Just contact our ticketing division, it is easy as a call, text, or email.
Ethereal Crack Ticketing:
Email: T.Starnes@EtherealCrack.com
Phone: 704-698-7286 (Text and Call)

You: Who processes my card when I make a reservation? Is it safe?
Us: We keep our guests’ privacy and security always at the top of our minds. Ethereal Crack, company-wide, uses the internationally used and acclaimed ticketing software, Xola. Xola has a high-security rating and has been trusted in the attraction industry for years. All transactions are encrypted on their servers. No outside persons have access to your card information, from start to finish.

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