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Story #001
My sister and I went to Charleston,SC in February to participate in a paranormal investigation at the haunted Old City Jail and while there, we took the Ghost and Graveyard tour with the Bulldog Tour company. While on that tour, our guide took us to the courthouse where John and Laconia Fisher were tried for crimes of kidnapping and murder. We were told about and shown the spot where the gallows where the Fishers were hanged as well.

The next evening before we investigated the jail (where Lavinia Fisher haunts) we decided to go back where we were told the gallows had been. It was starting to get dark and I have an app on my phone called Ghost Radar that detects spirits and disembodied voices. I stood on the spot where the gallows were and asked to be able to feel how it felt to have that noose on my neck and almost immediately I felt a tightening on my neck and it was hard to swallow.

Then I asked the Fishers if they could to please show me a sign of their presence if in fact that’s where they were in fact hanged for their crimes and within a few seconds I had a sensation of numbness and cold go up and down my spine and I felt a sense of sadness and started to tear up. Then on my Ghost Radar app, the word “HANG” was spelled out and in a voice text. I knew then that the night at the jail would be one to remember. But that’s another story altogether in itself.

Story #002
My sister and I frequent the Charleston, SC haunted jail where Lavinia Fisher, first female, was hung.

Experience #1: First time visited there I was scratched on the back prior to going in the jail sitting outside to go in. I have picture documentation if interested.

Experience #2: Second time there after I came home, for over 6 months I heard moving around during the night and a powdery substance was left on my floor at the bottom of the bed when I got up the next morning. This continued until the substance was at the head of the bed on the floor and it just stopped.

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