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Ghost Tour Express Passes

Love our ghost tours? Get yourself a true VIP experience with a multi-tour pass!

☠ A two-tour express pass is $20.
☠ A three-tour express pass is $45.

This non-expiring express pass will provide you a unique two-use code to book reservations on any Ethereal Crack ghost tour with absolute ease, and at a cheaper price than booking them individually!

Delivery FAQ:
You: When do I get my code?
Us: Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive your two-use unique code to book your reservations on any Ethereal Crack ghost tour.

You: It has been 24 hours and I haven’t received my code!
Us: No problem! Please contact Ethereal Crack’s ticketing department and we will resolve the issue. Ethereal Crack

Phone: 704-698-7286 (Text and Call)



The Ethereal Crack Difference

☠ Our tours are designed to be an hour long and move rapidly, with 8-10 stories of true paranormal occurrences. There isn’t much time for lollygagging!

☠ While other tour companies may march you around like an 18th-century militia, lecture at you, and continue on – we don’t do that, and never will. Our tours are conversational in nature and tailored to your tour group. No tour is going to ever be the same!

☠ As we operate in purely small towns (for the most part) our tours are a first-time hybrid for the industry. On many of our tours, if we walked to every location, we would be walking all day, through woods, over fences, under bridges, slogging through bogs, and onto people’s private property, which we can’t do. Following this – our tours are downtown walking tours (enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown and check out the local businesses!) paired with a ghost tour. If we can’t go to the exact spot, we’re going to go somewhere that gives the story background.

☠ We don’t do “my mom said…” and “my grandma said…” ghost stories. Every case we report on the tour is verifiable with research. You have just as many tools at your fingertips as we do. We encourage all guests to research the stories and figure out what they believe.

☠ We don’t use “ghost hunting equipment” or spiritual mediums. Those are easy to fake – and we aren’t here to mislead you.

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