Welcome to Ethereal Crack’s online headquarters!
Home of our critically and guest-acclaimed attractions from ghost tours to tea.
As we like to say: Let’s go on vacation (and never come back again.)

We’ve been given a label that we are proud of – “a backyard theme park” – and quite frankly, it may be true. You’ll find our attractions listed below, along with how to reserve your spots. For more details, use the tabs above!

Our Attractions:

Ghost Tours

Our original attraction! Once a single ghost tour in Waxhaw, North Carolina, we have grown to be the largest provider of ghost tour experiences in the United States. On top of this, we have pioneered the format in our own special way for modern audiences, as well as being the first agency to purely specialize in small-town ghost tours.


Quick, fun, non-tacky, and to the point – you’ll never experience any other like it! There’s a reason that we are the largest provider of ghost tour experiences in the US!

Upcoming Attractions

We aren’t spilling our confidential company secrets. Ever.

Keep an eye out as we unveil new attractions to harass your town like Frankenstein’s monster.

Our Sideshows:


Tim Starnes, Savannah Jillani, and Lisa Jillani, the first family of the paranormal (so new that they still have the new casket smell) bring you a new podcast gameshow: L/I/V/E F/R/O/M T/H/E S/T/O/R/A/G/E U/N/I/T


We’ve gone from cult hit ghost tours to a cult hit podcast game show.
Some would say just a cult.

Lukewarm Ironclad

Inspired by movies such as Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and live-action FMV video games, Lukewarm Ironclad reunites the cast of many prior Tim Starnes stage calamities, in a reunion that is going to rip everyone wide open.

Lukewarm Ironclad

An episodic choose-your-own-avdeventure, point-and-click, puzzle, business simulation video game of twleve episodes. Railroad Tycoon meets LSD.